Designing For Your Budget:

Whether you are looking to remodel a whole house or a single room in your home, you need to ask yourself “What is more important? Quality or Pricing?” A specialty tile retailer, like Ideal Tile, will understand that most surfaces that you are tiling, are high-traffic areas, that take a lot of abuse. Getting a good deal upfront, may cause you more money and headaches down the line.

Big box tile stores are becoming increasingly popular with discounted tile options that you can carry home the same day. …..Sounds Great Right? Not so fast. Often the tiles that are heavily discounted at the big box stores, are discounted for a reason.

· Tiles that did not meet original tile manufacturers’ quality standards.

· Purposely made at a lower quality to meet certain price points that big box stores require.

· Mix and Matching of various dye lots and calibrations.

· Tiles cherry-picked by customers, can cause additional damage to inventory.


What are the benefits of using Ideal Tile?

· Unique choices. If you don’t see something in our showroom, we have access to dozens of other styles and selections that you may not have seen.

· Better tile quality. We only carry tiles that meet the highest quality standards that are set by manufacturers.

· Knowledge and customer service. Every single employee at Ideal Tile is passionate about what we do. We have the knowledge and the experience & the repeat customers to show for it.

· Shop the price, demand the best. Our professional design team can turn any budget into a stunning room.

· We want to bring your project to life as much as you do!

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Quality is not expensive, it is priceless!!!