Tile Trends 2022

Looking for some new and trendy tile options for your next interior project? Then look no further, because Ideal Tile of Mount Laurel has you covered! Being one of the largest tile showrooms in South Jersey, Ideal Tile provides a wide variety of tile options from large format tiles, trending colors, shapes, and textures. When shopping at Ideal Tile your choices are limitless and it is our job to help you find the perfect tile for your project! 

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles have become the new normal and the simplest way to modernize your home without overspending. Larger tiles give the illusion of a much larger space and achieves to elevate the look of any room. Being easy to clean and zero maintenance, these gorgeous tiles mimic the look and feel of natural stone at just a fraction of the price!

Textured Tiles 

Tired of the look of a non dimensional space? Then why not add some movement and dimension with some textured tiles! Textured tiles add great variation and surface interest, while coming in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. From walls to floors, these eye-catching 

tiles will enhance any space that you are tiling, and will be the true showstopper in the room.


Another big trend this year has been geometric shapes! Whether it’s triangles, hexagons, or diamonds, geometric tiles offer a fun alternative to a standard square or rectangle tile. These geometric tiles create a more modern mosaic appearance that will transform your backsplash, floor or shower!